Physical Therapy Services

Comprehensive, local physical rehabilitative treatments for work or sports injuries, and aging, orthopedic, and surgical conditions.

The specialists at Cedar Valley Physical Therapy are knowledgeable and highly trained in a variety of physical rehabilitative services. These include treatments for acute and chronic orthopedic conditions and work- and sports-related injuries, and occupational rehab and testing, such as assessing the appropriate physical capabilities of a job applicant to positions of employment. With each of our services, we maintain a close working relationship and communication with your physician to provide the highest quality care for you. Keep reading to discover how our dedicated providers can put our customized physical therapy solutions to work for you.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are recovering from a joint replacement or reconstructive procedure, rehabilitating a major orthopedic injury, or re-establishing strength and other capacities to counter chronic pain conditions, or have other functionality or mobility treatment needs, our comprehensive physical therapy services can help you restore physiological health and reduce the need for future therapy or medical care. Beginning with your initial examination, our specialists will learn about your symptoms and normal activities in order to create your specialized treatment plan.

We have numerous therapeutic treatment options available, including manual mobilization techniques such as muscle and joint manipulation, modality treatments to control pain and inflammation, specialized exercise instruction, and return-to-work and sport testing. Most importantly, our team of providers will work closely with you during your rehabilitation to provide information regarding your condition, discuss any challenges or concerns that arise, and help you develop a home exercise program so you can control your recovery. Start your personal road to improved physical performance by calling Cedar Valley Physical Therapy today.

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Football - Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehab

With a team of athletic trainers that work directly with local high schools, college and semipro teams, Cedar Valley Physical Therapy is there on the field, court and ice helping area athletes with injuries, evaluations, and more. And when it’s time for post-injury rehabilitation, we have the expertise and equipment to help our athletes get back to playing their favorite sports. We offer four convenient locations in the Cedar Valley including a location at the UNI Human Performance Complex that features a treadmill therapy pool.

Our rehabilitative specialists are experts in helping athletes recover from surgical reconstruction, sprains, strains and other less severe injuries. They can also help athletes avoid potential problems and improve performance by identifying and correcting existing issues with training techniques. The coordinated effort of our athletic trainers and physical therapists in the rehab process allows for a safer return to sport activity for the injured athlete. Click below or call today to see how our physical therapy services help athletes regain pre-injury activity levels, prevent serious orthopedic damage, and achieve optimal sports performance.

Occupational Rehab

Through Occupational rehab treatments, employees can return to work after soft tissue injuries and avoid workplace injuries. Our ergonomic analysis can identify existing work station concerns and optimal configurations and promote preventative activities, such as strengthening and stretching programs. Cedar Valley Physical Therapy also incorporates Cost Reduction Technology for pre-offer testing to quantify a person’s strength to match him or her with potential employment positions. This helps employers avoid injury-related expenses.

And with personalized rehabilitative services and same-day scheduling, we assist employees with recovering from their injuries and returning to work. Our occupational rehab services can help employers and employees increase workplace function, health and efficiency—call us today or click below to learn more.

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Pelvic Rehab

Pelvic rehabilitation is the process of addressing pain, irritation and other issues in and around the pelvic region. Both men and women may encounter pelvic conditions that require therapeutic treatment, including pelvic bulge/prolapse, lower back pain, persistent prostatitis or pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic nerve irritation, and constipation. These issues may arise from a number of causes: hernias, kidney stones, bladder infections, appendicitis, nerve or intestinal problems, psychogenic pain, among other conditions.

Our private appointments and therapy can help you strengthen and contract pelvic muscles while relieving tension from underlying tissue and features the most advanced technology and procedures, such as biofeedback equipment, which is available in the area only at Cedar Valley Physical Therapy, that measures your physical responses in given situations to assist with your rehabilitation. Call today or click here to find out how working with these latest techniques and equipment and our pelvic therapy experts can help you restore healthy pelvic function.

Isokentic testing with cost reduction technology

Isokinetic Testing Services with Cost Reduction Technology

Cedar Valley Occupational Rehab, a branch of Cedar Valley Physical Therapy, offers pre-offer and post-injury testing for employers. This process can dramatically reduce the costs associated with soft tissue injuries in the workplace. Our isokinetic pre-offer testing helps an employer match a potential employee to an appropriate job level to reduce the risk of future workers’ compensation injuries. Our isokinetic post-injury testing has been specifically designed to assist employers in managing work-related injuries with their current workforce in compliance with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations. Both are designed to help employers reduce the cost of work injuries. Our isokinetic testing:

      • Objectively validates the physician’s assessment of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) injuries to the knees, shoulders and trunk.
      • Objectively determines an employee’s fitness for duty prior to return to work.
      • Helps match a potential employee to an appropriate position.

Cedar Valley Physical Therapy offers isokinetic testing for sports strength measuring and return-to-sport strength levels. Strength testing can be used by teams or individuals to measure progress with their strength training program and identify areas to build on. Return-to-sport testing will help identify where an injured joint (for example, post-ACL rehabilitation) is in comparison to an opposite joint to assess if an athlete is ready for a return. This can help reduce the chance of re-injury. Our isokinetic sports testing:

      • Offers return-to-sport strength testing to help physicians determine appropriate time frames for athletes to return to sports and avoid re-injury.
      • Measures strength gains and goals for athletes progressing with their workout programs.

To find out more about our isokinetic testing services, contact us today.

Visual and Vestibular Rehabilitation

After suffering a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion, stroke or tumor, lasting effects can have significant impact on daily life. Rehabilitation of the visual and vestibular systems are important pieces of the rehabilitation process that can help lead to improved symptoms and quality of life. Through an integrated approach, we evaluate and treat the visual and vestibular aspects of brain injury. For more details, contact us today.

Functional Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling

If you are experiencing pain and the inability to perform basic functions, an acute or chronic neuromuscular condition could be the reason. Functional dry needling is a therapeutic treatment that can relieve pain and increase functional motion for patients and athletes through the stimulation of neuromuscular and motor points via the insertion of fine filament needles into those areas.

This treatment can be used for a variety of conditions, including: rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbows, hamstring and groin strains, shin splints, patellar tendonitis, and more. Reduce your pain, increase your functionality, and enjoy your favorite sports—all with functional dry needling. Call Cedar Valley Physical Therapy today for more information.